Hardcastle Home Pulldown Multi Gym

Our Multi Gyms are a home gym essential. Features include adjustable, padded seat for a comfortable fit and knee bars to hold you in place. Supports both 1" and 2" Olympic weights plates. Ideal for building muscle as well as strength endurance traini

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  • Hardcastle Bodybuilding Home Gym
  • Suits all standard 1" hole diameter weights (19cm of usable space)
  • Also includes adaptors to allow fitment of 2" Olympic sized discs (14cm of usable space)
  • Padded bench for comfortable training
  • Cable and bar for pull downs & rowing style exercises
  • Please note: tools required for assembly are not included.
  • Strong design - max weight discs 100kg, max user weight: 120kg
  • Overall dimensions -
    • Height: 181cm
    • Length: 120cm
    • Width: 62cm
  • Please see images for further detailed dimensions


Excellent Review by Bot
All round excellent piece of gear (Posted on 8/12/19)
Just phenomenal!!Review by James
Deserves more than 5⭐'s in my opinion. I have a maximuscle bench that comes with a lat pulldown attachment but felt I could never really load it as it felt unstable so looked around for a cheap alternative & saw this. Although cheap in cost certainly not cheaply made, this is an outstanding piece of equipment. What attracted me to this machine was the bottom pulley which allows me to do seat row's & bent over row's as well is kneeling bicep curls with great ease. I read in another review that during seated row's they experienced friction & rubbing on the cable & suggested altering it however I experienced no issues at all. The seat is at a slightly awkward angle for lat pulldown's but alls you do is lean back, problem solved. The machine does lift up when doing bent over row's or bicep curls so you'll just need to anchor it down somehow. I have bought various pulldown attachments for this also as it's great for tricep push/pulldown. This has taken my home gym to the next level. For the price this cannot be beaten. (Posted on 7/26/19)
Amazing!!Review by Andy
Love this bit of kit, recently been kitting out the garage and this is an absolute must have. Huge variety of exercises and amazing price. 5* all around (Posted on 5/19/19)
Excellent bit of kit for the home gym.Review by Greg
Great bit of kit for the money. Makes your weights feel heavier ( compared to your gyms cable pulley). Saw the same designs going for over £200 on other sites.
As another reviewer noted its technically not designed for seated rows but if you leave the plastic end cap off near the bottom pulley you can feed the cable through easily and you can do seated rows easily, just add some ballast weight to stop it moving around.
Had an issue with the first one i received but customer services were great and swapped it without fuss.
Really pleased i bought this and now contemplating cancelling my gym membership.
(Posted on 2/19/19)
Unbeatable valueReview by Mike
I've been training in commercial gyms for 29 years now. Recently decided to start my own home gym as an addition to my usual training. The variety of exercises that can be performed with this piece of equipment are really limited by your imagination. I have slightly modified my machine, mainly by putting "ballast" in the bottom legs, but that was a simple change. I often use mine as part of BFR training, which is working very well especially for arms.

If you have the space and like to train it really is a no brainer. (Posted on 11/3/18)
Excellent bit of kit for the money Review by Nicnod
Surprisingly good piece of gear for the money , solid , sturdy and useful , the only 2 criticisms I have is that you can’t do seated rows because of the angle of the cable coming out of the low pulley, and the whole thing tips when you use the low pulley , so you have to stand on the base , I’m going to bolt it to my floor to stop this from happening , but for £69 it’s awesome !!!! (Posted on 8/23/18)
Great value, great qualityReview by Peachi
Love this addition to my garden gym. Really smooth action and very versatile. I dont use the seat at all and kneel instead but that works fine. If u do bicep curls or shrugs u need to stand on the front stabilising bar, but thats fine too. Upright row is a bit tricky with the cable scraping, could do with a runner on bottom pulley, but again, it works fine. Buy the 10 & 15kg weights with it so u can load it up. Will only take 4 plastic weights each side, so u need some bigguns on there to max out. Love my lat poll downs now ;-) great fast delivery too (Posted on 7/10/18)
Outstanding Quality & ValueReview by Shelim
Really pleased with this product. Use a ratchet and tighten until you get metal squeeze and it is rock solid once assembled. I've used it for various types of pull downs and rowing for back and push downs for triceps. It's made a huge difference to my home gym. For the price you can't beat it and you can load up to 180kg so it suits all abilities. For what it's worth coming from a stranger - I highly recommend it! (Posted on 10/3/16)
Exceptional Value!Review by Matt
I've spent my life around commercial gyms, but more recently found myself looking for ways to do as much of my workouts as I can at home. I don't have space for a power rack so up till now just had a simple set of Dumbbells, barbells and a bench.

I stumbled on this machine by accident, but instantly realised that this machine would give me High and Low Pulleys for very little money, taking up a relatively small amount of space. So I snapped it up and have not looked back.

I am not going to advise anyone to use this machine in any way different to the "suggested use" - But I will say its very versatile, and I'm sure those that know gym kit can immediately see the potential here, I'm doing Lat Pulldowns, Straight arm pulldowns, Seated pulley rows, Overhead bicep curls, Bicep cable curls, Tricep pushdowns, Upright rows .... and many others.

Obviously, this is not a £3k cable station, but when you look at the money you pay, I'd say this machine gives you incredible bang for very few of your bucks! (Posted on 3/30/16)

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